Family Law

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We have a range of abilities in the family area to suit most needs.


Wayne Jones also has many years of experience in the Family Court, involved in parenting disputes and he has a caring but no nonsense approach.

Steven Zindel has had experience in most areas of family law but, for reasons of allocation of roles within the firm, has tended to confine himself recently to the relationship property area. This is because he has those technical skills where property and money are involved and where knowledge of the interrelationship between relationship property, trust law, company law and equity is important for achieving the best outcome.

All of us are equipped to deal with most aspects of family law but we have our preferences and specialisations and we try to work within those. This is also to suit our availability so that you have the best lawyer at the right time. All of us are available to help each other behind the scenes, so that you potentially stand to benefit from the collective experience of five lawyers.