Abigail Goodison

Abigail Goodison
Abigail Goodison

My email address is: abigail@zindels.co.nz


I grew up in Nelson and attended Nelson College for Girls. I studied for my Bachelor of Laws at the University of Canterbury and worked as a summer clerk at Zindels before my final year of study. I started at the firm permanently in February 2016 and was admitted to the bar in September 2016. It was a very happy return to Nelson for me.


During my time as a summer clerk I researched the country’s legal aid system and became interested in the issue of access to justice. I am convinced that a robust legal aid system is essential to ensure that everyone, from all walks of life, can access remedies and representation when legal issues come up. This can happen in many different areas of life – being accused of committing a crime, separating from a spouse/partner or being dismissed from employment, to name a few examples. They’re big issues for people and if there isn’t legal help then unfairness about them can alter the course of people’s lives.


When looking at a legal dispute, I start from the perspective that (by and large) there will be some remedy in the law to provide a fair outcome and I go from there. Sometimes a “fair outcome” won’t come from the agency or person you first think of. For example, there are extremely limited circumstances in which you can be awarded civil damages in New Zealand for personal injury, but we can work with you regarding your ACC compensation. We try to explore all of the possibilities from where you might get some redress. I enjoy the advocacy aspect of the law and I find it is a privilege to act for clients in trying to level the playing field if they feel hard done by. I know that my colleagues here think and act the same way.


Criminal and civil litigation are my main areas of interest at present but I am assisting with a number of different topics here. I am keeping my horizons wide, as aspects of the law merge at times. I have appeared in the High Court, District Court, Alcohol Regulatory Licensing Authority and Employment Relations Authority. I have also appeared in the Court of Appeal as junior counsel. In particular, I am able to assist with:

  • Raising personal grievances, advising on other employment disputes and appearing in the Employment Relations Authority
  • Preparing  limited licence applications (sometimes called a “work licence”), which is where someone is disqualified from holding a driver’s licence but needs to drive for work or family purposes
  • Applications for restraining orders (where there is no domestic relationship, i.e. where there is harassment from a neighbour, former associate)
  • I also do some family law work and we often take on cases where there is parental or trust ownership of a property where a couple has lived together
  • Family Protection Act cases, which are where a claim is made against a deceased family member’s will where adequate provision hasn’t been made for our client


If you are seeking to apply for civil legal aid and are based in Blenheim, you can apply for funding through our firm for us to travel over for mediation or hearings.



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