Sophie Barclay

Sophie Barclay
Sophie Barclay

Sophie joined the firm in 2014. She graduated from Victoria University of Wellington in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Arts in History and Classical Studies. She joined Zindels shortly before being admitted to the Bar in September 2014.


Sophie is interested in the law relating to government agencies, including ACC entitlements. She aims to ensure that people receive the support which they are entitled to and that they have their rights respected. She believes the most valuable thing about the law in this area is that it provides a way of allowing individuals to stand up to much more powerful and influential agencies; and that it obliges those agencies to listen to what people have to say and take it into account.  She is passionate about ensuring that people have the ability to hold the government to account and to behave properly.


Sophie is also developing her practice in family law. She is committed to helping clients negotiate their issues as efficiently as possible and making sure that this is done fairly so that people can move on comfortably. She will endeavour to have problems resolved in a way that causes the least stress to the family and with the children protected from as much as fallout as possible.


Sophie is a new arrival in the Nelson region and is keen to experience all it has to offer. When she's not in the office or in the courts, she enjoys exploring the area and learning to appreciate the beauty and diversity of its national parks! She is also enjoying discovering the local arts scene and feels inspired by Nelson's many artists.

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