Our Values

Empowering the disadvantaged

  • To treat people from all walks of life fairly and non-judgmentally
  • To try to solve clients’ legal problems as they wish to
  • To research the merits of cases thoroughly so that the advice we give is based on proper understanding
  • To meet client expectations or to be transparent in advance of why some of these are unrealistic or not able to be met
  • To be role models for each other in going the extra distance for our clients;
  • To be approachable and friendly
  • To provide ongoing feedback to each other about what we are doing and how we may improve our service
  • Manaakitanga – treating clients and third parties with humanity, compassion, fairness, respect and responsible caring that upholds the mana of those involve
  • Openness – being honest and sincere, being open to receiving new ideas and willing to consider how we do things currently, and how we have done things in the past
  • Transparency – sharing information with those entitled to know, including the reasons behind all actions
  • Learning – active listening and learning, and using any information obtained to change and improve systems
  • Meeting our obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi – honouring the Treaty and its principles through the way we operate and behave.