Working for Equal Justice

We are passionate about equal justice and ensuring that each and every individual has the right to have their side of the story heard. 

The law can be complicated, expensive and stressful. Our dedicated team is here to help. We are committed to working towards your desired outcomes and providing a safe and trusting environment. If financial hardship is an issue then we can assist you in a legal aid application.

We have extensive expertise in many legal areas including family, criminal, property, ACC, wills and trusts, and conveyancing.CLO

Our People

We are an experienced, reliable, and focused group, who are intent on getting the best result for each individual client. 

Each of our team has a different variety of skills suited to your legal needs. Find out more about our people and how they can help you, by clicking below.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid provides government funding for those who cannot afford a lawyer. It is available for a range of legal services including family, civil and criminal.

In some instances it will need to be repaid, however, this is not always the case. In criminal cases it is freely provided and in others, where certain requirements are met, it may be written off.

While an imperfect system, legal aid forms an important basis of the New Zealand justice system and our practice; ensuring that everyone has access to a lawyer.


"Can I extend my greatest appreciation to you and your team, especially Michelle. She has been fantastic, extremely supportive and has gone out of her way to keep me informed and understand what is going on...I am incredibly grateful to you and your brilliant team and very much looking forwards to putting this all behind me and moving on."

Client Testimonial March 2024

"Dear Steven, Kris, and the hard working team at Zindels. Thank you so much for all your hard work in contributing to a positive outcome today. This is such a relief after 4 years of anxiety and stress for me and my family in so many ways. Much appreciated."

Client Testimonial February 2024

“I am very grateful to Alec Sacheun. He is a brilliant young lawyer who very generously helped me in my hour of need and got a successful outcome at the Court for me. Although I speak English as a second language, Alec patiently engaged with me and with my interpreter. He did an amazing job in my affidavit recording accurately what I said and answered all my concerns.

I felt at ease talking to Alec, he was nice,  patient and non-judgmental.  I recommend Alec a hundred per cent.”    

Client Testimonial  February 2024

"Thank you for your solid positivity, and care with [his] representation today."

Client Testimonial  February 2024

"Wow thank you so much for that Kris, we didn't think we would get such good communication so soon. Thank you for everything you are doing for us, you've gone above and beyond" 

Client Testimonial February 2024



“I can’t thank you and your team enough for what you have done to make me a free man again. My family and I thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. For giving us life again.”

Client Testimonial April 2023



“Just wanted to say thank you again for your help…I guess it can feel like a bit of a thankless job at times representing defendants…I think the legal system could do with a little bit of compassion and mercy for defendants…as there is normally a reason for them ending up there which is outside of their control…anyway thanks once again…”

Client Testimonial March 2023



"On the morning drive over to Nelson I saw a big vivid rainbow, then on the drive home it occurred to me that you guys were the GOLD at the end of the rainbow!"

Client Testimonial December 2022



"Your careful and thorough approach to providing expert witness evidence was an essential ingredient to the success of getting this appeal thrown out on all counts. "

Client Testimonial November 2022


"Slept well for the first time in a long time.
Still hasn’t fully sunk in.
Again thank you to you and your team for what you have done."

Client Testimonial November 2022

"You've created the light at the end of the tunnel for me.  I really appreciate all you have done. Thank you very much"

Client Testimonial September 2022

"Thank you...You both have been amazing through out this whole process"

Client Testimonial June 2022

“I would like to stick with you Steven as you are ultra smart and kind”

Client Testimonial June 2022

"thanks for all the hard grafting gentlemen"

Client Testimonial May 2022

" have been so supportive over the last 16 months and that has been a been a huge help to me in getting through this... I would like to thank you both very sincerely.” 

Client Testimonial May 2022

"...thank you...[you] have done an amazing job…” 

Client Testimonial April 2022

"...thank you very much again for your help in clearing my name. I will forever be grateful…” 

Client Testimonial November 2021 

"'re a star! Thank you…” 

Client Testimonial September 2021 

“…thanks heaps you've been awesome, Easy to talk to and there for the right reasons…” 

Client Testimonial August 2021  

"Thanks for everything you and Steven did for [our son] over his case. He was very lucky to get what he did."

Client Testimonial May 2021 

"Kia ora Steven. Two years ago you defended my son in a drink driving case. I wanted to thank you for your time and efforts. He is doing well, has a permanent job and is in a steady relationship. He has just obtained his restricted licence and is looking forward to the future. Fingers crossed he doesn't look back. As a parent it is hard when your kids make mistakes. I wanted to thank you for your time, good will and understanding. Hope you are still doing good work!"

Client Testimonial April 2021

“I am so grateful for your caring and sensitivity. You are truly one in a million”

Client Testimonial December 2019

"Again I can’t thank you both enough. A huge weight has been lifted."

Client Testimonial October 2019

"Thank you so much for having the courage and bravery to challenge one of New Zealand’s most powerful Government departments. I hope you feel proud, We won, justice has been served.."

Client Testimonial October 2019

“...Again, Thank you for all the effort you and your team are putting into this. I appreciate your "just doing your job", but I am grateful none-the-less.”

Client Testimonial September 2019

"Well done today and thank you for all you have done. If only I had you [Tagan] and Steven at the beginning."

Client Testimonial September 2019

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