AML (Anti-Money Laundering Compliance)

Verifying your identity and source of funds, and credit checks

1. As from 1 July 2018 we are required by law to verify your identity and, in some circumstances, the source of

funds for a transaction

2. We may wish to carry out reasonable credit checks on you from time to time.

3. You authorise us to collect information about you (including customer due diligence information and credit

reports), to obtain, exchange, hold, and use such information, and to make any other enquiries we think appropriate to:

a. confirm information provided to us about you is true;

b. undertake initial and ongoing customer due diligence and monitoring in accordance with the Anti-

Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 (AML/CFT Act);

c. enforce debt and legal obligations (including recovery of money owed to us); and

d. comply with other legal obligations we may have.

4. You authorise any person (including credit reporters) to disclose information (including credit information) to

us in response to such enquiries.

5. You accept that we may use customer due diligence services (including electronic based services from a third

party) to verify your identity and conduct other customer due diligence or monitoring required under the

AML/CFT Act, and that we may use credit reporting services to credit check you, and that when we use such


a. Service Providers will exchange information about you for that purpose and the Service Provider may hold information on its system and use it to provide their customer due diligence service or credit reporting service (as the case may be) to their other customers;

b. we may use the Service Provider's services in the future for any authorised purpose (including in relation to ongoing customer due diligence or the provision of credit). This may include using the Service Provider's monitoring services to receive updates if information held about you changes; and


c. if you default in your payment obligations to us, information about that default may be given to Service Providers and given by Service Providers to their other customers.